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Huma hillary lesbian

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Who has benefited from them?

What is past is prologue. Based on the way he linked to Mail article, however, Drudge apparently detected notes of sexual desire, or maybe jealousy, between Abedin and Clinton: American journalism is collapsing before our eyes. Courtney cox fake nude pics. Huma hillary lesbian. It's exactly what you'd expect Drudge to throw out there, with a big ol' siren. But the twice-married Merkel is a staunch conservative who has said as recently as May 18 that there will be no same-sex marriage under her watch, even as Italy was poised to usher in marriage equality.

Huma hillary lesbian

Why is calling powerful women lesbians the worst insult? If Hil is lickin' Huma, then I'll bet Bill is seething with jealousy and down on bended knee beggin' for sloppy seconds. Where did this sudden surge of interest come from, though? Based on the way he linked to Mail article, however, Drudge apparently detected notes of sexual desire, or maybe jealousy, between Abedin and Clinton:. I hate to nitpick, but wasn't it the Foley scandal? Clinton, ALL else comes heh second to doing and saying whatever it takes to get elected.

The idea is far-fetched to those of us who have covered Clinton in the news over the years or anyone who has read her memoirs. Delighted Jen said yes. Posted by Will in Seattle November 8, 2: You can enable JavaScript via your browser preference settings. Free milf next door. Read Next American journalism is collapsing before our eyes. On a slightly serious note, since when does having a family brimming with known muslims mean you're connected to terrorists?

Commentary — November 17,6: So it can be done — a woman can be the leader of a political party and a lesbian. On Chesil Beach A poignant drama starring Saoirse Ronan looks at female sexuality before the gender revolution. Drudge running with classy, classic "Hillary is a lesbian" angle pic. Comments 47 1 So it's o. Her book, Coming Out of Cancer: Comments Closed In order to combat spam, we are no longer accepting comments on this post or any post more than 14 days old.

Weiner is Abedin's husband. As "proof" of the so-called lesbian game, the publication has a dozen photos of Merkel with her hands together in a triangle shape. Posted by Greg November 9, 1: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Up Next Man who stole Diana Vreeland portrait says he was drunk. Good taste in mistresses is applicable to good taste in cabinet appointments, and therefore a candidate's lovers should be assessed by voters.

The gun-rights movement was now that most insufferable of species:

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Then again, if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination I'll likely end up voting for her anyway.

Posted by Big Sven November 10, She's all yours, bro. November 8, 2: Washington Babylon — November 7, Until now, these articles which Abedin helped edit and publish have remained under wraps. Latex boots milf. Trump leaves the Iran nuclear deal, Ebola breaks out in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and scientists claim that Pluto is still a planet.

There is some truth to the suggestion that Clinton and Abedin are remarkably close for women of their age and prominence. And how many of those posters in the Freeper link do you think were typing with one hand? She would say things that upset her parents. Huma hillary lesbian. I am also convinced that Hillary is a born lesbian, and rather openly so since the s. You are currently logged in as. Not much is beneath the standards of right-wing blogger Matt Drudge, even insinuating Hillary Clinton's aide is leaving her husband to shack up with the presidential nominee.

November 8, 3: Clinton and Abedin in Queens Getty Images. The contradictions are hard to reconcile. You will, however, see a lot of tweets about her religious upbringing, and how she may or may not be manipulating Clinton into carrying out the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, the militant Islamist social movement founded in Is victory still possible—and, if so, is it anywhere in sight?

Now, it is entirely possible that Clinton is in fact a lesbian; that she has had sex with women on the side; and that she has tolerated her marriage to Bill Clinton, even through his humiliating affairs, in service of her own political ambitions.

Hey, it's too bad that 1 Hillary is so scary and offputting and 2 there's no merit to this story.

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There was a story he wanted me to know about. Lesbian torrent sites. The lesbian couple is sitting head-to-head on a sofa near the end of the video. What's so awful about this is that the other women that Hillary has been with will now suffer lower self-esteem. The speed in which Muslim voters migrated from the G.

It was as true as the birtherism movement about Obama being born in Kenya. There was nothing in those days quite like a quick lunch at the downstairs coffee shop with Ralph.

You can even read about these connections on conservative websites, whose competing write-ups feature highly variable degrees of sobrietybut none of them claim to show a that Abedin has anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, or b that Abedin constructed State Department policy to assist the Brotherhood.

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Taylor swift porn nude You can enable Cookies via your browser preference settings. I'd put a poster of her on the wall of my dorm room, if I had one.
LESBIAN MOM BDSM But it is Abedin that many are fixated on — in part because she is always with Clinton and in part because she is Muslim.
Maya rudolph nude pics Neither its Facebook or Twitter pages have recently promoted them. The prospect of crime there concerned Heba, as she and Jaber had two young sons: The idea that Clinton and Abedin are romantically involved , however, stems from a decades-old rumor—which has never been substantiated—that Clinton is secretly a lesbian or bisexual.

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