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Deion sanders daughter naked

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Deiondra needs more people! WOW at this rant tho. Whitney cummings lesbian. Chit is juicy tho…lol. Deion sanders daughter naked. Again, unless somebody beating someone, kids should stay out of grown folks business.

Envogue might have been the only group of ladies were ALL of them were fine and could sing. Chit I was a stay at home mom till I started working in media. IDK maybe im that dude that feels like if Im married and shait gets bad and we have to live in a box…My wife would be in that box putting up drapes. Pictures of year-old Deiondra Sanders caused a stir on the Internet today. Taking care of the children and the house is a full time job.

I believe that was the only stmt that she made, no? Daisy- of course she not gone spill daddy business. Security is the main reason why people have arranged marriages. How old is this little girl? Then she got a cute black leather belt to go with it to sinch in the waist. Xxx massage milf. Twitter is a dang mess!!! Sista Im not refuting you Im just trying to get a handle on what you saying.

She said herself her dad was gone be mad. Aug 26, 9. Tatted I like to get folks things they need and will use. I was only joking LOL Sandra be working for them exclusives. For a chick out of the projects of Elmira…Pilar done came up. Or a fat one, skinny one, etc. Daddy's lil Girl takin up for him. Mizzdallas says This blog is all over the place. Deion's kids names with his 1st wife: Do you already have an account?

Deion sanders daughter naked

The Cotton Candy Expert: I'd still beat that up tho.

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Has she deleted her account and pleaded temporary insanity hacked account yet? I wish somebody would try this with Greg Franklin Sr. Awwwhh the good ole days.

I like my own paper.: JMO I have no problem disagreeing. Hot naked chicks stripping. Meanwhile Pilar is still trying to protect her children and save her marriage.

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If the husband is making enough money to support the whole family. Its emeraled green with black and bronze accents on it. Your dad is right. This is why I logon to Twitter once a month…. My dad is a real man. Daddy's lil Girl takin up for him. Deion sanders daughter naked. Pilar has always come across to me as a pretty lady but a woman with a stank ass attitue.

They saying Deiondra got some nekkid pics on the net. Milf in fuck me boots. You are a romantic. The running joke in my family when we get together is to not say anything about my momma or my kids.

If they DO get back together I would love to be a fly on the wall at the family dinner table. How old is she?? If you know what he is saying does NOT apply to you ignore him. I Go There As a man it seems like you would want to take of your woman and make sure she is comfortable and able to give your kids the attention they need!

Granted some consider the male as the provider, but I guess different strokes for different folks. How is taking care of the kids and household duties sitting back and doing nothing????

Deion wanted a trophy wife, Pilar wanted to be taken care of. Brown I was thanking the same thang. Free massive tits. That baby girl went in hard, on Pilar. IMO it is harder to hold down a household than it is to hold down a job.

Deiondra Sanders far right above --the year-old daughter of Deion and his first wife Carolyn Chambers --is extra pissy about Pilar trying to play victim in this divorce situation.

Yeah…habitual salad tossing is lame. Tatted Good, enjoying this winter break while I can.

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